DCSS 4K UHD SMATV System Upgrade

Get a complementary upgrade for your existing SMATV System (Astro Centralise system) in your building to Digital Channel Stacking Solution (DCSS) Contact us now for more info. *Terms and condition apply

What is DCSS? and Why do we need it?
DCSS system is mainly used to cater signal for Astro 4K UHD in Malaysia for Astro subscribers. Commonly residents who are staying in highrise building such as condominium, apartment or flat could not receive the 4K UHD signal despite they have upgraded their monthly package to 4K UHD package. So, what happen next? They make complaint to the management or building manager. And management start sourcing for third party contractor to quote. When quotations sent in, price will be one of the main factor, and secondly comes to service and warranty.

What if, we tell you that currently we can do you a FREE upgrade for your existing Astro centralise system to DCSS system, and FREE upgrade your existing MATV system to Digital to cater MYTV signal. Both systems upgrade AT NO COST. And, get a comprehensive mainetnance service for entire the entire system. Whether your equipment was striked by lightning, or faulty due to long life span, we will get it replaced for you 1 to 1 at no cost! Hassle FREE and cost saving to the management! One stop solution for your SMATV & MATV system.

Interested to know more? Contact us now @ 012-2141086. Call us now for a free site visit.

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