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Comprehensive Maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance service for CCTV, SMATV & MATV system to highrise buildings such as Condos, Apartments, Commercial buildings, Hotels, etc. We have a team of well trained and experienced professionals to ensure minimum downtime of the system breakdown and fast system uptime


We specialize in installing & upgrading CCTV, SMATV & MATV system. We also provide upgrading service to existing SMATV & MATV system to latest technology Digital Channel Stacking Solution (DCSS) 4K UHD SMATV & Digital MATV to cater 4K UHD signals & Myfreeview (MYTV) to all the units at your premises.

Adhoc Services

L S ANG offers site inspection service with quick response time and able to send quotation as necessary within 24 hours! We have most of the equipment and parts ready stock and able to provide fast system uptime to minimize your downtime.


  • Install & Upgrade to Digital MATV System to support Myfreeview (MYTV)

  • Install & Upgrade to Astro Ultrabox / Ultibox for your residents

  • Install & Upgrade to latest technology DCSS 4K UHD SMATV System to support Astro 4K UHD channels

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Service for CCTV, SMATV & MATV Systems (with Contract)

  • Ad-hoc Service for CCTV, SMATV & MATV System

  • New Installation of CCTV, SMATV & MATV System

  • Equipment Selling for CCTV, SMATV & MATV System

  • Astro application such as Registration, Installation, Relocation, Rewiring, and Sales of Astro Accessories & Equipments.

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About Us


L S ANG has been in the market for more than 20 years. We are one of the most experienced and reliable companies in Malaysia specialising in ELV system such as CCTV, Fiber Optic, SMATV and MATV system. To date, our clientele includes more than 150 condominiums in the Klang Valley area which have signed up for comprehensive maintenance contracts with us to maintain their centralised SMATV & MATV systems. We have cooperated over 500+ condo management, managed more than 1500+ block of building, and serviced more than 50000+ of satisfied customers. 

We provide maintenance service for CCTV, Fiber Optic, SMATV 4K UHD & MATV Digital MYTV upgrade/installation, and consultancy of CCTV, Fiber optic, SMATV & MATV systems for high rise buildings.

We are also registered as Astro retailer, & installer. We provide one stop solutions for Astro services such as Astro registration, installation, relocation, etc.

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